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Feedback About the Proud to Care Campaign

See feedback about the Proud to Care campaign:

“The Proud to Care campaign was a much needed and very well received initiative, as Devon County Council recognised and acted upon concerns and challenges raised by domiciliary care providers in terms of recruiting and retaining staff.  The parking permits were particularly welcomed by staff………. I have been proud to be part of the campaign since its inception, and look forward to continued participation in the future.

 Sadly, care does not portray itself as an attractive job, and is often a last resort when nothing else is available.  The campaign has paved the way to position care as an appealing/career of choice.  It has also started to promote the many different “flavours” of care (learning disability, mental health, physical disability, enabling), not simply the traditionally thought of tasks of older personal care, to show the diversity of the positions available.  

It was apparent that the industry itself faced challenges, and needed to attract and appeal to wider audience in order to fill the many unfilled vacancies in the sector – a trend that is set to grow.  The initiative to reach those returning to work, retirees and forces wives has been refreshing as it relates to attributes/values of wanting to put something back into society/their community.

The project has developed over time to encompass a host of participants representing the wider market including care homes and support providers. It has also evolved to incorporate the NHS and voluntary sector to reflect a desire to meet the challenges of a preventative strategy.”

Operations Manager, Okehampton

“The Proud to Care microsite has been an invaluable resource for our claimants looking for work in the industry. Having cases studies, career pathways information and job vacancies all in one place is really useful. The fact that the vacancies are all local is another plus. It is also useful for our work coaches to get a better feel for the roles available within care.

Having the Proud to Care banners in out local jobcentres has helped provide a focus on the opportunities available and raises awareness of roles for people who come in who are looking for work. They have also provided a useful focal point for care providers coming in to talk to potential employees.

We have shared details of the campaign with our national team as an example of good collaborative working.”

- Devon Cornwall & Somerset District Employer Engagement Co-ordinator – Department of Work and Pensions

"Devon’s Proud to Care campaign has been a really positive approach that Devon County Council (DCC) have taken to support Care Providers in tacking the really challenging recruitment issues that they are facing.

DCC have given practical and financial support in setting up a free recruitment website, a raft of different advertising campaigns using all types of media and they have created clear and positive video case examples of people who love and value the work they do in care.

This campaign has been developed in co-production and partnership, working with employers and other local and strategic bodies and they have really listened and responded to feedback and ideas from the Proud to Care steering group."

- Locality Manager, Skills for Care