dct in Exeter, Devon

Proud to Care Ambassadors

Proud to Care Ambassadors, in association with Skills for Care’s I Care… Ambassadors Scheme,  is a group for enthusiastic, frontline care staff who go out to visit schools, colleges, job centres and other employment agencies to inspire others to work in adult social care. Using their first-hand experience ambassadors can talk about the wide range of job opportunities, helping to create a real life, honest perspective of what to expect from working in social care.

Proud to Care Ambassadors recently had a launch event which was extremely success and welcomed 27 new, enthusiastic ambassadors, who have already been out and about attending events and raising the profile of social care. There will be another event in the autumn (date to be confirmed), as Proud to Care Ambassadors is now expanding to cover careers in care and health.

We are always looking for new ambassadors! If you are passionate about your career in care and health and feel confident talking about your own experiences, we would love to hear from you! If would like to become a Proud to Care Ambassador or find out more information, please contact us at dctc@devon.gov.uk 

The Skills for Care website has lots of useful information about the wider I Care…Ambassadors scheme.